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SpotLight shows a white stream in Bespoke Video


If SpotLight is showing a white stream, it may be due to connectivity issues or browser plugins. Browser plugs in such as Disable HTML5 Autoplay or similar that prevent videos from autoplaying may cause this, try disabling the extensions, or add the SpotLight site to the list of exception in your extension settings.




How to switch teams

If you are a member of multiple teams, you can switch teams by logging out and logging back in. Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to the Choose Your Team page. From here you can select a different team.



Note: if you require to see an order that you did on a particular team, you will have log into that team to be able to view it.


Flycam movements too large when using keyboard keys

When Flycam is selected, you can use W,A,S,D keys to move the camera around. You can create smaller movements by holding down the left Shift key when adjusting the camera.


My file isn't downloading

If you're downloading a large PSD or EXR file, the file can take up to several minutes to download before anything happens on screen. After selecting Download icon on your file, you may see the mouse loading icon and after a few minutes, the download should appear on screen.



My short Code isn't working

The Short code feature will only work if there is a support for manufacturer specific Short Codes for your OEM. If you OEM has the correct support and the Short Code isn't working, ensure it matches the code generated from the configurator and try again.




CAS Filter Refused


If you see this message it is likely due to a network issues. Ensure you are following the minimum requirements for using SpotLight:


The Minimum Internet Connection

The service requires a minimum 10Mb/s internet connection

Minimum Resolution


Supported Web Browsers

Chrome, Safari & Firefox - latest versions


If you've met the minimum requirements and still can't connect, it could be due to the ping time. The ping is the round trip time for how long it takes to connect and retrieve data from the server. You may not be able to connect if the ping is too high.


If the problem continues, please raise a ticket here or by e-mailing


SpotLight can't be accessed due to browser size


This may be due to Desktop Scaling. Visit the settings on your machine and change the Display Scale and Layout to the recommended settings. Or whilst on the browser, press the Ctrl key & - (Windows) or Command- (Mac) to zoom out.


SpotLight has timed-out

After a period of inactivity when using SpotLight you may need to re-connect to the stream or log in again. This is to ensure that a rendering machine is made available for other users in your group when a user becomes inactive. Timeout lengths can't be altered.


It will give you time to reconnect before SpotLight automatically does the time-out Log out happens. This usually happens after 30 minutes of inactivity, you will have to log in again.


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