Registering MFA device

Multi-Factor Authentication

After you're account has been created. You will given a confirmation e-mail with a link to complete you account registration. You need to go into the link and complete the Multi-Factor Authentication registration process. This is a requirement to be able to continue to use SpotLight.



Before you are able to register your MFA, you will have to download an MFA app to the device that you will be using to secure your account with. You can use any app that supports the TOTP standard, however the recommended apps are:

    • Authy
    • Duo mobile
    • Last Pass Authenticator
    • Microsoft Auth
    • Google Authenticator


Registering Your Device

Download one of the recommended MFA apps above or your preferred MFA app. Login through the SpotLight page and a popup will show up. Select Register Device on the popup dialog.




Open the MFA app and scan the QR Code with your device's camera. Enter the first Authentication code, wait for the first code to time out, and then enter the second Authentication code.


The space between the authentication code must not be included like the example on the photo below.




After successfully pairing your device, you will receive a new popup that shows Device Successfully Paired. To continue logging into SpotLight, just press Finish




Device Pairing Unsuccessful

If your device fails to register, this could be caused by entering incorrect or expired codes (the space between the code is not needed)


To continue, just select Retry button.




Open your MFA app, delete the old one on the app and scan the QR code again, just to make sure that you are not using an old scanned QR.




If the problem continues, please try a different MFA app first and make sure to remove the account on the previous MFA app first.


Assigning a New Device

Log into your account on SpotLight and it will ask for the MFA code to be entered. Instead of continuing this way, select I Have a New Device.




A new pop up will come up and say that a reset e-mail will be sent to you. Then select Continue. An e-mail message will be sent to your e-mail address, with a link. You will need to follow the link to set up your new device.




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